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RV Park responds to demand from construction workers

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

from Woodalls Campground Management

by Bob Ashley

Jerry Bergman, General Manager of Texarkana (Texas) KOA, added 25 sites to his park since last March for a total of 63 in anticipation of a continuing construction boom in the area that includes a new oil pipeline, a $120 million road project and an anticipated 600-megawatt electric generating plant.
Big Rigs at Texarkana RV Park
“That added up to a lot of construction workers needing monthly RV sites,” said Bergman, who converted the RV sites from vacant mobile home pads that were on the same property. “It was pretty easy to covert them because the electric was already there,” he said.

Even with an increase in monthly rentals to construction workers, overnight travelers aren’t being pushed aside. “We still have plenty of sites for them,” Bergman said, noting, though, that RVers in transit are “slightly less than last year.”
Cabin at Texarkana RV Park
“We usually get a lot of snowbirds going back and forth, but we haven’t seen as many this year,” he said.
RV Art Gallery
Bergman also oversees what he calls the nation’s largest RV art gallery with more than 200 objects, including 88 prints – some that he commissioned – miniatures, clothing and other items. “We think it’s an interesting way to celebrate the RV lifestyle,” said Bergman, who opened the gallery in 2005.
RV Art Gallery Interior